Posted by: bluesyemre | April 15, 2015

The publishing revolution – Why Open Access? #openaccess


Many of you will have received the email which I sent to all staff concerning the importance of open access publication. There are clearly some compliance issues around open access and this is at least part of the motivation for contacting all staff. However, the issues run much deeper than this. Indeed, there is a sea change under way in academic publishing. Open access is a movement which is revolutionising the publishing industry. At its heart, open access is based on the principle that all publicly-funded research should be made as widely available as possible and, in particular, should be available to those who originally funded the research, that is the taxpaying general public. However, open access is also clearly linked to the progression of the internet and the manner in which access to written information is rapidly changing across the globe. Anyone who is a user of social media will know how frustrating it is to follow a thread to an interesting publication only to find that it sits behind a paywall and is unable to be viewed. I am sure that many researchers in the institution have also experienced the frustration of following a chain of logical thought to a particular publication of interest, only to find that it is inaccessible because the library does not subscribe to the relevant academic journal and therefore it is unable to be viewed. We have all been there (!) and it hampers our thoughts and our academic work.

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