Posted by: bluesyemre | April 16, 2015

ProQuest Acquires SIPX (Digital Course Materials)


ProQuest (through its affiliate Bowker) has acquired Palo Alto-based SIPX, creator of a unique digital course materials solution that addresses a variety of copyright and costs concerns for universities. SIPX eliminates duplicate spending on course packs (collections of assigned readings) by connecting students to materials already purchased and available to them through their university library.  “SIPX’s contributions to the Higher Education community align with ProQuest’s mission to connect libraries more deeply into the day-to-day research and education needs of students and faculty,” said Kurt Sanford, ProQuest CEO. “Its service enables universities to further leverage the investments their libraries have made in their research collections. With our support, customer relationships and investment, we will rapidly increase the availability and richness of SIPX’s services.” Developed from Stanford University research, SIPX became an independent business in 2012. Students, faculty members, schools and publishers promptly embraced SIPX’s simple solution for compiling, delivering and managing digital reading lists. Educators, librarians and support staff at leading schools — including the University of Illinois, the University of Notre Dame, Stanford University, the University of Texas-Austin, and others — use SIPX to set up course readings and immediately benefit from the system’s automatic check for works that are available at no cost to students via library subscriptions or open sources. By leveraging SIPX to eliminate redundant spending and reduce materials costs, students have experienced an average of 20 to 35 percent in savings to date.

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