Posted by: bluesyemre | April 16, 2015

Working at the Library – a young person’s perspective by National Library of Scotland


We are keen to encourage more young people to pursue a career at the National Library so we set about trying to address the typical ‘boring’ stereotypes that might prevent talented young people from considering a library career.

Q. Who are librarians and what do they do all day?
A. They are “older”, “sensibly dressed” and “read books”

At least, that’s the stereotypical view that many young people have, which we discovered through a recent project aimed at attracting young people to work in the National Library. New research, trends, technologies, and services means that the librarian profession is rapidly changing and constantly evolving. They preserve and provide knowledge and information on a wide range of topics. Sharing their knowledge and expertise provides people with the opportunity to learn and develop. The following series aims to communicate alternative messages about working in a library and demonstrate the range of work that we do.

Working at the Library (Part 1)

Working at the Library (Part 2)

Working at the Library (Part 3)

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