Posted by: bluesyemre | April 17, 2015

Orange is the new library receipt: Multnomah switches up its paper


Multnomah County’s Library has made huge environmental strides in an often overlooked area. The system has become the first major library operation in the country to sustainably source the paper it uses to print patron receipts and hold slips. Whereas most receipts are printed on paper that contains bisphenol A or bisphenol S, Multnomah has switched to an alternative paper made by Wisconsin-based Appvion Inc. That paper uses a vitamin C formulation in place of phenols like BPA or BPS. And, as library spokesman Shawn Cunningham points out, “The paper’s yellow tone belies its origins in oranges.” Indeed, a year’s worth of paper contains the equivalent of about 500,000 oranges. Multnomah County Library uses approximately 10,000 rolls of this paper each year. That, Cunningham notes, is “nearly enough for a continuous ribbon of checkout slips from Portland to Boise, Idaho.”

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