Posted by: bluesyemre | April 17, 2015

PASTEUR4OA report on policy effectiveness (Working Together to Promote Open Access Policy Alignment in Europe)


PASTEUR4OA reports on the policy-effectiveness exercise undertaken by the project in view of providing evidence to assist open access policy development. Basis of this work was the rebuilding of ROARMAP, the open access policy registry, which was carried out by the project.  A new classification scheme was built, allowing to record and search the information with far more detail than before. The project also added 250 new policy entries to the ROARMAP database. It now contains approximately 663 entries, mostly institutional policies, 60% of them in Europe. The associated policy effectiveness exercise presented in the report examined deposit rates mandated and non-mandated research institutions. It provides important evidence to support that policies include at least three elements for effectiveness, namely, a mandatory deposit, a deposit that cannot be waived, and linking depositing with research evaluation.

Full Report

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