Posted by: bluesyemre | April 19, 2015

A library on the beach (Thalatta Seaside Hotel on Evia)


There’s a big debate going on locally at the moment – do we need a library? Apparently the number of people using them is down; a lot of the books are gathering dust and the anti-library brigade argue the space could be better used for something else. The pro-library people think this attitude is ridiculous and that there is no better use of space than a library. There’s no middle ground really. Well there is but that middle ground is populated by people like me who don’t really mind either way. I’m on the fence a little. I feel like I want to support the library and make sure it’s saved but at the same time I haven’t set foot in it or indeed any library for many many years. I think it’s the ambiance. It’s dark, dusty and quiet. Three things I don’t really like. I want the exact opposite from my library so I’m going to suggest my local library learns a lesson from Thalatta Seaside Hotel on Evia, the second largest of the Greek islands.

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