Posted by: bluesyemre | April 24, 2015

Reading in Kabul: The state of Afghan libraries by Qayoom Suroush


With Afghanistan’s educated class growing rapidly over the past decade while education resources remain scarce, there is an increasing need for a functioning public library system, AAN’s Qayoom Suroush argues. However, the only public library of Afghanistan’s capital – at the same time standing in for a non-existent national library – is not even close to functioning. The Kabul Public Library has a random collection of donated, often outdated books, no development budget and un-trained staff. Qayoom Suroush, who has tried several times to use the library for his university and AAN related research (with little success), has looked into why national and international attempts at increasing literacy in the country have not included the renovation and upgrading of public libraries. This should be a logical consequence of addressing illiteracy and raising education levels, he says.

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