Posted by: bluesyemre | May 5, 2015

Apple vs. Samsung (Content Marketing Showdown)


“Everybody talks about Apple. Nobody talks about Samsung. … To play Apple’s game as a direct competitor, which is what Samsung has been doing, is really, really hard.” That’s what former Apple CEO John Scully told CNET earlier this year. But despite those fighting words, the two brands are locked in a battle; while Apple holds the lead on U.S. market share by a margin of 41.7 percent to 28.6 percent, Samsung owns a similar lead in the global market. And of late, both have been launching an advertising blitz. With the competition heating up, we had to ask: Which brand is doing a better job at content marketing? It’s a curious matchup to consider. After all, Apple takes a peculiar approach. It doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook accounts, run a blog, or produce a web series. By contemporary standards, that amounts to a pretty weak content strategy. Meanwhile, Samsung manages a number of social accounts, runs celebrity-partnered campaigns, and teams up with major apps to reach new audiences.

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