Posted by: bluesyemre | May 28, 2015

Biometric access in the library (Checking out with a fingerprint)


As libraries embrace their modern identities as technology hubs, the methods of providing access to their services must constantly adapt. The evolving high-tech options we provide to patrons require that we also keep these options safe and secure. Although in widespread use in the private and public sector, biometric security options have been slow to reach libraries—whether because of a lack of understanding of the technology or because of misinformation about the system.
Paul Sawyier Public Library implemented a biometric identification system in October 2008. Since then, patrons who sign up for a library card have the option to enroll in the finger identification system, which is required only when using the public computers and the media box located in the lobby. To check out materials or log on to computers using the system, a patron simply places his or her finger on the biometric scanner located at each station. Patrons checking out other materials can use their library cards as they always have.


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