Posted by: bluesyemre | July 13, 2015

Should You Use Facebook for Business? (Three top tips for using Facebook for business by @cathdhanjal


1. There’s a massive potential audience on Facebook – if you’re not tapping into it then you’re missing out

2. There’s a clear trend for accessing the internet from mobile devices, with mobile set to be the most popular medium for access in the near future, in some demographics this is already the case. Facebook might be used primarily for personal use by your demographic but that’s already changing. 25 million people in the UK use Facebook on mobile and typically log on between 11 and 14 times a day…

3. What’s most popular on Facebook is video – currently 4 billion video views a day via Facebook. Short videos are popular, just 10-15 seconds – and they don’t have to be professionally produced, from your iPhone is fine.

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