Posted by: bluesyemre | July 29, 2015

15 y/o blues rock guitarist Ray Goren @RayGoren


At just fifteen years old, Ray Goren is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who started playing piano and guitar and writing his own music before the age of seven. On August 21, Goren will release ‘Songs For You’ — a five-song EP he recorded for Jay Vee Records — produced by Grammy Award-winning artist Steve Jordan. In reflecting on Goren, producer Jordan says, “Ray is not just a musician, he’s a great singer who writes great songs. That’s why we signed him. I’ve worked with a ton of great and legendary musicians in my career and Ray is one of the most gifted artists I’ve ever witnessed. The fact that he is so good, at this age, just blows my mind.” Jordan has worked with everyone from Keith Richards, Beyonce, The Verbs, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Alicia Keys, The Pretenders, Neil Young and Kelly Clarkson. “Between his guitar and piano playing, songwriting and singing, he is a special talent.”





Ray Goren Doheny Blues Festival 2012

Sweet Little Angel – Buddy Guy Band & Ray Goren

Ray Goren – Machine Gun (Live Performance)

Song For Me – Ray Goren 

Ray Goren – Purple Rain (Live Performance Video)

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