Posted by: bluesyemre | August 8, 2015

#Penguin to Let #Londoners Read #eBooks for Free on the #Underground


Publishing is going through a “throw it up against the wall and see what sticks” phase, and one idea that has stuck is letting people read ebooks for free in public places. The Drum reports that Random Penguin UK  has partnered with the London Underground and its contractor, Virgin Wifi, to let riders read ebooks or listen to audiobooks for free:

In collaboration with Transport for London (TfL) and Virgin Media’s Wifi service, Penguin has created a dedicated mobile-first site called Summer of Penguin where passengers will be offered a daily choice of stories from the publisher to read or listen to during their journey.

The program is going to run until 28 August. According to Hannah Telfer, the group director for consumer and digital development at PRH UK, the collaboration will allow the company to deliver content from its authors, which include Harper Lee, John Cleese and Terry Pratchett, to new audiences. Random Penguin UK is going a long list of publishers and retailers which are partnering with transportation companies (plus the occasional museum or hotel) to let readers have free access to ebooks on planes, trains, buses, and the occasional airport terminal. Kobo, B&N, and the Japanese ebook retailer Booklive have all worked out special deals to put ebooks in front of travelers, and even Amazon is getting in on the act (only smarter; Amazon has a deal with JetBlue to sell content, including ebooks). And so has Random Penguin, which has a partnership here in the US to provide excerpts to Amtrak passengers.


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