Posted by: bluesyemre | August 10, 2015

The Fly Pry – Titanium Multi Tool by Flavio Pellegrino


The Fly Pry is a new, ultra-simple titanium multitool. The gadget was launched as a Kickstarter project (now successfully funded) by Boston-based designer and titanium tinkerer Flavio Pellegrino, who found his inspiration via the same vehicle as countless inventors before him: alcoholic beverages. Pellegrino was searching for a bottle opener when he happened upon a broken, oversized zipper pull that had snapped in a way that made it sort of resemble a bottle opener. After opening and enjoying his beer, Pellegrino set to work creating a tiny tool as light and as small as the zipper pull. The largest of the three iterations of the Fly Pry’s final design is only 1.25 inches long. Being titanium, all versions weigh next to nothing. Pricing starts at $25 and shipping starts in late autumn.

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