Posted by: bluesyemre | August 11, 2015

Nipi : The “SMART” COOLER and ultra portable SOLAR generator


This is nipi. It’s more than a cooler. nipi is a charging hub. It’s a security deposit box. It’s a sleek accessory. nipi is more than a cooler! it is a charging hub for your phone/tablet! Complete with a solar panel, nipi recharges itself in sunlight so you keep going for days! It’s a security deposit box with lockable waterproof storage area and has LED lights that enable your to find your food/drinks in the cold as well as bringing ambience to any outdoor environment. nipi has oversized wheels that will roll over any terrain, and with ice retention technology which keeps ice frozen for 6 whole days, nipi is the ultimate way to have even more astonishing adventures.

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