Posted by: bluesyemre | September 9, 2015

#Innovations and #libraries by David Lee King


My library has a really cool partnership with 712 Innovations, and I wanted to share. 712 Innovations is a combined makerspace and coworking space in Topeka, KS. The idea for this space came out of two separate groups of entrepreneurs in Topeka. One group wanted to create a coworking space, and another group was really interested in creating a makerspace. The two groups realized they’d have more of a chance if they merged, and … ta-da! 712 Innovations was formed … with the help of a bunch of local organizations, including the library, a local university, the city, and a couple of non-profits, among others to help work out organizational and start-up funding issues.

712 Innovations is pretty unique, since it’s a combined makerspace and coworking space. The goal is this:

  • Creatives in makerspaces have really cool ideas about the stuff they’re making, but have no idea about how to start a business or market what they make.
  • Creatives in coworking spaces might not know how to make stuff, but they know how to market and create businesses.
  • What if someone brought the two sides together in one shared space?
  • If the goal is met, there will be new Topeka-based businesses springing out of 712 Innovations.

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