Posted by: bluesyemre | September 29, 2015

Making open science a reality by OECD #openscience


Open science commonly refers to efforts to make the output of publicly funded research more widely accessible in digital format to the scientific community, the business sector, or society more generally.  Open science is the encounter between the age-old tradition of openness in science and the tools of information and communications technologies (ICTs) that have reshaped the scientific enterprise and require a critical look from policy makers seeking to promote long-term research as well as innovation.

On the one hand, the Internet and online platforms are creating new opportunities to organise and publish the content of research projects, scientific publications and large data sets, so as to make them immediately available to other scientists and researchers as well as potential users in the business community and society in general. On the other hand, ICTs allow the collection of large amounts of data and information that can be the basis of scientific experiments and research, contributing to make science increasingly data-driven. Online repositories and archives offer the possibility to store, access, use and reuse research and scientific inputs and outputs (both articles and data sets), and speed the transfer of knowledge among researchers and across scientific fields, opening up new ways of collaborating and new research methods (Force11, 2012). This evolution of science into a more open and data-driven enterprise is often referred to as “open science”.

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