Posted by: bluesyemre | October 15, 2015

Swedish Artist Stefan Siverud Paints Snail Shells #Snailpimp #snails #art


Stefan Siverud is a Swedish hobbyist who has been giving snails fun custom shell designs. Humorously titled Snailpimp, his project includes shell upgrades depicting everything from rainbows, to spikes, to popular logos; snails resembling sharks, Pac-Man, volcanoes, and McDonald’s advertisements populate his endearing and slimy collection. Since 2010, Siverud has been uploading photos of his beautified, living creations onto his blog, providing amusing backstories with each one. Some of his works even derive from social and political matters: the pirate snail, for example, is a marker for the Piratpartiet (Pirate Party of Sweden). This snail was painted the day after the party won a seat in the EU parliament.

The made-over snails in the photographs seem unperturbed, moving along in their indifferent way and attending to their usual business in the garden. However, some people may suggest that the colorful new hardware could endanger the snails; for example, it might make it difficult for them to maneuver if the shell has been physically modified (such as the one with the lighthouse fused to it), or it could mean they become more visible to predators. Siverud, however, has his best intentions for his mollusk companions. He uses non-toxic paints that will not harm the snails’ sensitive and porous bodies. In addition, the bright colors may also prevent people from stepping on them. In this way, Siverud’s project is one aimed at appreciating the lives and uniqueness of our tiny invertebrate friends.

Stefan Siverud üzerine basılıp ölen salyangozları korumaya gönül vermiş bir sanatçı. Bunun için de çok basit bir fikir geliştirmiş: Salyangozların kabuğunu boyayarak yolda yürüyen insanların dikkatini çekmelerini sağlamak. Snailpimp adını verdiği projede Siverud salyangozların kabuklarını gökkuşağından Pacman’a çeşit çeşit desenlerle süslemiş. Sanatçı yalnızca boya kullanmıyor, süslediği kabuklara minyatür figürler de ekliyor.

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