Posted by: bluesyemre | October 20, 2015

Kids, teddy bears can visit #library on Pajama Night


Phyllis Bradsby, right, reads to children Oct. 22, 2013, in the children’s section of the Loveland Public Library during the second Pajama Night at the Library to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Read Aloud Loveland. (Steve Stoner / Loveland Reporter-Herald file photo)

The preferred dress code is pajamas.

The age group is preschool (or a little older).

And the place is the Loveland Public Library.

Welcome to the fourth annual Pajama Night at the Library on Tuesday, Oct. 13, a reading activity where preschoolers and their families are invited to put on their pajamas and share an evening story time. The event is funded through a grant from Elevations Foundation. Every family will receive a free copy of the book, “Time to Sleep,” by Denise Fleming. Read Aloud Loveland, a nonprofit that encourages reading to children, will distribute 150 copies of the book. Last year, the nonprofit gave out 130 books at the event and gives out 1,000 to 1,200 books a year. This year, the nonprofit gave out 1,500 books so far with the help of a Barnes & Noble fundraiser in December 2014 that paid for 800 children’s books. “Read Aloud Loveland wants to keep books alive in the lives of children and families,” said Stevie Benkendorf, president of Read Aloud Loveland. “We encourage families to read aloud with each other. It’s a fun, family sharing activity. It builds interest, language development and one’s imagination.”

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