Posted by: bluesyemre | November 5, 2015

Tilburg University #Library pictures by Emre Hasan Akbayrak @TilburgU_LIS


A collection with over 800,000 books, journals, illustrations, early works and manuscripts. The combination with a voluminous collection of e-books and e-journals provides a treasure of scholarly information. Library and IT Services (LIS) is a partner in realizing institutional goals in the field of research, education and operational management. LIS takes up the position of service provider and advisor. LIS is responsible for the physical and the digital library, the digital learning and working environment, the study environment, the IT infrastructure including AV facilities and cultural heritage. LIS offers modern facilities in the field of information and communication technology and scientific information supply. Moreover, LIS offers modern services to support education and research.

LIS offers services which:

  • are available any place, as much as possible;
  • are tailored to the user needs;
  • enable the customer to have personal control on the execution of tasks;
  • are high quality and user-friendly;
  • generate reliable management information in time in the field of government and management & education and research.

Library and IT Services:

  • offers innovating services in the field of education development, IT and the scientific information supply in the domains of education and research. This is done in consultation with the clients;
  • offers its services in a secured environment: information is only available to whom is authorized;
  • selects its services within its available source scope in consultation with government and users;
  • cooperates with other institutes in higher education (a.o. SURF, Nereus) in order to establish joint projects and to share knowledge;
  • aims at offering its service clearly and verifiable;
  • regards it its responsibility to engage and remain in conversation with interested parties for its service from its directing role in the field of IT, AV and the scientific information supply.

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