Posted by: bluesyemre | November 17, 2015

DOK Delft Bibliotheek #Library pictures by Emre Hasan Akbayrak @DOKDelft

In the Netherlands, in Delft, a medium-sized town (100,000) just a little below sea level (famous for the Girl with the Pearl Earring painting and the blue pottery known as Delftware), stands a library that at first glance may appear to be just a regular public library, but how special it is! DOK can best be described as a media center that combines three unique collections: Music and Film (“Discotake” in Dutch), Literature (“Openbare Bibliotheek”), and Art (“Kunstcentrum”). These three components make DOK much more than an ordinary library. The outstanding collections, together with the expertise of the staff, are the basis for the flow of creativity and energy that inspires the inhabitants of Delft. Together with two other branch libraries, DOK Tanthof and DOK Voorhof, DOK serves 80% of the population. It is the most frequently visited public institute in Delft. More than 500,000 people annually visit DOK, and every kid at school is a member. The motto “Borrow the World in Delft” truly sums it up and makes DOK an easily accessible cultural information center.



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