Posted by: bluesyemre | November 19, 2015

How much people work around the world #infographic


In America, forty hours is considered a typical work week, but is this actually the case? Sometimes, when you think about those minutes spent answering emails on your phone or stealing glances at your computer when you’re off the clock, you feel like forty hours easily turns into fifty or more. Though people’s work weeks tend to vary by industry and even season, we wanted to see how far off the average full-time work week was from forty hours.

Surprisingly, Americans clocked in at 43 hours a week, while the Turkish average 51.2 hours a week, the most by far! Not surprisingly, the Northern European countries Denmark and the Netherlands had the shortest work weeks – 38.3 hours and 39.1 hours respectively. We’ve put together a graphic of average full-time work weeks in forty countries around the world, so you can compare how your work week stacks up with those in your own country and those in other countries.

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