Posted by: bluesyemre | November 25, 2015

Universities UK Submission To The 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review

uni uk

World-leading science and higher level skills underpin a dynamic and prosperous knowledge economy. Research, innovation and human capital should be placed at the centre of the government’s long-term plan for economic growth– and universities have a vital role to play in this:

  • Through the teaching and training they provide, universities are essential to meeting current and future demand for higher level skills. This demand is projected to rise significantly in the next five years, with almost half of all jobs requiring some form of higher education by 2022.
  • Universities are at the heart of our world-leading research base, which brings great economic and social benefits to the UK.
  • Thanks to their close engagement with the private sector, universities play an important part in driving innovation and R&D. Our universities are very successful in engaging with businesses, ranking within the world’s top five for collaboration.
  • Universities support regional growth, encouraging local entrepreneurship and business development, attracting investment and talent, providing and creating jobs, and taking a lead on socio-economic issues at the local level. All this is supported by strategic public investment in key areas of university activity. Universities work hard to ensure that every pound invested is spent as effectively and efficiently as possible. However, the government should be in no doubt that misplaced or mistimed cuts in public funding will put at risk the excellence and global reputation of our universities. This, in turn, will limit the vital contribution universities can make to improving productivity, boosting growth and meeting the skills needs of our economy.

Full Report

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