Posted by: bluesyemre | December 8, 2015

Why #libraries are worth saving by Dani Garavelli


PUBLIC libraries improve literacy and generate social cohesion and yet in the age of austerity branches are at risk, writes Dani Garavelli. WHEN I was growing up in Prestwick, back in the 1970s, there were two emporia of delights on the same otherwise unprepossessing street. The first was the Electric Bakery, whose shelves buckled under the weight of butterfly cakes, coconut madeleines and chocolate eclairs; on special occasions, you would be allowed to pick six of these of these treats and carry them home in a box tied up with ribbon. The second, a few doors along, was the library. Its shelves buckled under the weight of similarly indulgent fare: gripping detective stories, tales of orphans triumphing over adversity, sweeping historical sagas. There was ritual here too: the reading of blurbs and the stamping on of the return date.

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