Posted by: bluesyemre | December 11, 2015

A Global Perspective on Your Local Public Library #PublicLibraries


Although a controversial business man in many ways, Andrew Carnegie was only in his 30’s when he adopted the belief that he was merely the shepherd of his wealth. In the late 1800’s he gave $60 million dollars to fund a system of 1,689 public libraries across the United States. During our 6,000 mile trek across the USA this summer, the local public library in many towns, became our community.

As we traversed Europe over the past couple of years, we marveled at the National Libraries in Madrid and Paris. We will never forget the way the light danced off the dark, rich shelves in the Trinity College Library in Dublin as we awaited our glimpse of the Book of Kells. We were in awe of the  of the libraries throughout Europe that made us feel small and welcome in the same breath.

After landing in New Zealand almost a month ago, the libraries have once again grounded us in a foreign place. The fact that the books are in English has made our transition seamless. The kids have spent hours meeting friends while building Legos available for checkout at the Wellington City Library. They have participated in crafts, signed up for coding classes, and perused local art on display at various Hutt City Library branches where we have made our temporary home.

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