Posted by: bluesyemre | December 18, 2015

‘Hangry’? Want a Slice of ‘Piecaken’? The Top New #Food Words for 2015


The language of food is changing at breakneck speed to reflect new menus, new mash-ups, new diets, new hashtags. “We need new words and labels to give voice to our food obsessions and anxieties,” said Josh Friedland, the author of the new book “Eatymology: The Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy.” “And we especially need more words to describe gastronomic emoting,” like “hangry.”

(Mr. Friedland said he himself suffers from “Nordepression,” a state of acute ennui brought on by the words “new Nordic cuisine.”)

Dictionaries don’t always keep up, but the online Oxford English Dictionary adopted plenty of food slang this year, such as “cakehole” and “cheffy.” And this year’s long-awaited revision of the Scrabble Tournament and Club Word List added useful food words like paczki (23 points), mojito (15 points) and yuzu (16 points).

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