Posted by: bluesyemre | December 21, 2015

Where the Wild #Books Are


Needle-in-a-haystack stories are the caffeine of collecting. Who hasn’t heard a tale of someone finding a rare toy at a garage sale, a dust-covered antique in an attic, or a priceless document hidden inside a beat-up picture frame? “That could be me,” we are supposed to think, and right on cue, we do.

When it comes to book-collecting bonanzas, Rebecca Rego Barry has heard ’em all. As the editor of “Fine Books & Collections,” it’s actually part of her job to listen to such stories, and follow up on those that seem likely to lead to new tales of prize catches. Recently, Barry gathered more than 50 accounts of literary treasures discovered in unlikely places into a new book called Rare Books Uncovered, now available from Voyageur Press.

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