Posted by: bluesyemre | December 25, 2015

How to use #colouringbooks for adults in the #library by Lauren Farnsworth


Adult colouring books are incredibly popular in the UK at the moment. One book or another will sometimes top the Amazon chart for weeks on end, and even if an adult colouring book isn’t taking the first-place spot, one won’t be far behind. I can’t remember a single day this year when the Amazon top 100 list wasn’t awash with adult colouring books. It was an eye-opener to us that colouring books, even though traditionally for children, can really be objects of beauty that will appeal to anyone who loves gorgeously produced books. Many adults are drawn to especially beautiful children’s picture books and I feel this is the next level of that. Since then it’s just been a whirlwind and very exciting to be a part of.

Why have they become so popular?
The main thing I hear is how relaxing and stress-relieving colouring in is. I think that is the real heart of the matter in terms of their popularity. Many people find it very difficult to relax – they might sit down in front of the TV after work with their iPads in their lap and their smart phones in their hands, but their brains are on overload all the time and they never switch off. What’s great about colouring in is the way it forces your mind to slow down and focus on just one thing. And what’s important about this type of focusing is that it is not mentally taxing. It’s simple but absorbing all at the same time. And if you aren’t colouring alone, it’s great to chat to others who are doing it with you. Coupled with that, I think readers love that they can easily be creative when they might ordinarily assume that they’re not. They can be proud of producing something artistic, either privately or out loud. The majority of titles out there are also gorgeous books to own – many are covered in colourful foils and bright neons with high-quality covers, so if you like a beautifully produced book, they’ll be really appealing.

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