Posted by: bluesyemre | January 3, 2016

#AmazonFire illustrates dramatic drop in cost of #tablet tech


TechRepublic’s Bill Detwiler cracks open the Fire and explores the tech inside Amazon’s $50 tablet. With its ultra-low price tag, the Amazon Fire tablet is definitely a bargain. But it looks so much like the company’s original Kindle Fire and is so cheap, that I got to thinking. Did Amazon just put old Kindle Fire hardware in a new package? I cracked open the Fire to find out. Released in 2011, Amazon’s original Kindle Fire was a moderately priced tablet with average specs. It was more of an entertainment device and shopping portal than anything else.

The new Fire tablet takes this concept to the extreme, but does it at a quarter of the cost. Its dimensions are nearly identical to the original Kindle Fire, but it weighs slightly less and has a more rounded back cover. It also has a lot of features the older tablet didn’t have, such as cameras, a microphone, and a microSD card slot. That microSD slot’s important because, like the original Kindle Fire, this tablet only has 8GB of internal storage and more than 2GB of that is used for the operating system.

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