Posted by: bluesyemre | January 27, 2016

Colin Vearncombe, the voice of Black, dies, aged 53


Colin Vearncombe, the singer of Black, has died, aged 53. A simple announcement was placed on his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon: “Colin Vearncombe. 26/5/1962-26/1/2016. A full statement will follow shortly.”  Vearncombe, best known for the 1987 hits Sweetest Smile and Wonderful Life, had been in critical condition in hospital in Ireland for two weeks, following a road traffic accident near Cork airport. He had been placed in an induced coma, and last week it was announced that he had “only a slim chance of pulling through”. An update on his Facebook page on Sunday said his condition had seriously deteriorated. Vearncombe had a 35-year career in music, releasing his first single with Black, Human Features, in 1981. Black signed a major label deal with WEA in 1984, but was soon dropped. In 1985, he wrote and released the single Wonderful Life as a comment on his situation, which became a worldwide hit after it was rereleased by A&M in 1987.

Black – Wonderful Life

Black/Colin Vearncombe – Wonderful Life

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