Posted by: bluesyemre | February 2, 2016

#OpenScience, #OpenData, #OpenAccess (UKeiG White Paper


The UKeiG white paper series are authoritative reports informing readers about complex or focal issue in the library / information / knowledge domains. They present the Group’s understanding and view (or philosophy) on the topic, and are intended to help members understand the issue. UKeiG White Papers are first published in the Members’ Area and then moved to this open access area three months later.

This White Paper gives an overview of developments in openness in Open Science, Open Data, Open Access and Open Monographs. Open Science is shown to be moving centre-stage, with a rationale of improving efficiency in science; increasing transparency and quality in the research validation process; speeding the transfer of knowledge; increasing knowledge spill-overs to the economy ;addressing global challenges more effectively; and promoting citizens’ engagement in science and research. Open Data is shown to have undergone a surge in practical development, mirroring the well established repositories for research outputs. The development and application of model policies and of principles is also discussed. The current major developments in Open Access are discussed in detail, including the identification and mirroring of success factors in funders’ and institutions’ policies and mandates for driving Open Access deposits and the growth in Gold Open Access. The appearance of publishers and supporting infrastructure for the publication of Open Access scholarly monographs and textbooks is outlined.

Full Report

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