Posted by: bluesyemre | February 28, 2016

Pop-up #LibraryMakerspace: #AcademicLibraries provide flexible, supportive space to explore emerging technologies


The word Makerspace is a general term for a place where people get together to make things, create things and learn together. Antony Groves presents a look at a recent university library experiment hosting a pop-up makerspace. Working with local edtech leaders MakerClub and colleagues the library organised a two-hour workshop which offered the opportunity for students and staff to explore emerging technologies.

The 2015 NMC Horizon Report predicted the increasing adoption of makerspaces by libraries, arguing that these creative spaces for hands-on work will “further position libraries as gateways to new skills, in addition to new knowledge” (2015, p.1). Although there is a growing body of literature relating to makerspaces, much of it refers to permanent spaces located in public libraries, school libraries and US institutions. Plenty of examples can be found in UK HEIs; The Fabrication Lab, The Digital Hack Lab,The Shed, but these are often spaces within a particular department.

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