Posted by: bluesyemre | March 25, 2016

Integrated library management systems: Comparative analysis of #Koha, #Libsys, #NewGenLib, and #Virtua


– The purpose of this paper is to analyze the various features and functions of Koha, Libsys, NewGenLib and Virtua with the help of specially designed evaluation checklist and rank them based on features/functions of integrated library management system (ILMS).

– The evaluation approach taken in this paper is similar to that of Singh and Sanaman (2012) and Madhusudhan and Shalini (2014) with minor modifications, comprising 306 features/functions and categorized as ten broad categories.

– The paper explores different features of open source (OS) and commercial ILMS, which reveals that Virtua got the highest total score of 218 (77.86 per cent), followed by Koha ILMS with 204 score (72.86 per cent). Interestingly, NewGenLib got the lowest total score, that is, 163 (58.21 per cent). ILMS under study are lagging behind in exploiting the full potential of the Web 2.0 features, including cloud computing features, and needs to be addressed in their future development.

Practical implications
– It is hoped that both the OS and commercial software will attend to the lacunae and soon develop fully functional Web 2.0/3.0 and cloud-based technologies.

– The findings of this paper will not only guide the librarians in the selection of a good ILMS, which can cater to the needs of their libraries, but also abreast the knowledge of evaluation of ILMS for the students of Library and Information Science. And the findings will help the ILMS vendors to know the limitations of their ILMS, so that they can overcome the limitations faced by users and improve their products.

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