Posted by: bluesyemre | April 19, 2016

#Library Love: 20 Quotes that showcase the magic of #libraries


  1. “A library is the only single place you can go to learn something new, be comforted, terrified, thrilled, saddened, overjoyed, or excited all in one day. And for free.” –Amy Neftzger
  2. “Libraries represent the diversity and immensity of human thought, our collective knowledge laid out in rows of revealing inspiration.” –Manuel Lima
  3. “A library is a place vibrating with ideas.” – Nancy Kunhardt Lodge
  4. “A library is a house of hope. It’s a place where we all, whatever our situation, can feed our ideas and develop our dreams.” – Doug Wilhelm
  5. “Libraries really are wonderful. They’re better than bookshops, even. I mean bookshops make a profit on selling you books, but libraries just sit there lending you books quietly out of the goodness of their hearts.” ― Jo Walton
  6. “A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.” ― Andrew Carnegie
  7. “Without the library, you have no civilization.” ― Ray Bradbury
  8. “What is more important to a library than anything else — than everything else — is the fact that it exists.” ― Archibald MacLeish
  9. “The library is like a candy store where everything is free.” ― Jamie Ford
  10. “The idea of a library full of books, the books full of knowledge, fills me with fear and love and courage and endless wonder.” ― Elizabeth McCracken
  11. “I don’t have to look far to find treasures. I discover them every time I visit a library.” –Michael Embry
  12. If I could live in the library, I would.” –Pembroke Sinclair
  13. “Libraries hold the keys to the universe.” –Kiki Hamilton
  14. “Libraries made me – as a reader, as a writer, and as a human being.” –Laurie R. King
  15. “Who doesn’t love a library? It is a place you can go in any town and discover the world.” –Pat MacEnulty
  16. “When I enter a library, I feel I’ve come home.” –Barbara Wright
  17. “The contents of a library can take you further than your own imagination could begin to imagine. To open a book is to open your mind.” –Amberle Cianne
  18. “If you want to find your happy place, just go to the library.” –Lizzie K. Foley
  19. “There is no problem a library card can’t solve.” –Eleanor Brown
  20. “The library is my cathedral.” –Barbara Bretton

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