Posted by: bluesyemre | April 22, 2016

#Book Sofa (Pop art-inspired Book Sofa by Prospettiva)


With an easy yet unconventional design, Book is a bookcase sofa created for people who enjoy reading, dreaming, tweeting or merely relaxing on their own or in good company. Shaped along the word Book, the sofa has a charming “pop” soul to fit every living space, where informality reigns and where friends gather. Book is perfect also to suit different settings such as museums, bookstores and stores.

Book is a design item able to celebrate the value of the word itself, to enhance the power of writing and its eternal repercussion. This was the driving concept in the process of birth and development of Book. A sofa characterized by the iconic strength of the letters, which gush into the sofa itself. It reminds us of books, of shared dreams and unforgettable phrases, of inspiring thoughts and strong emotions, of subjects that have become, over the time, a completing part of our own world. With a noble inspiration translated into a playful form, Book is not to be taken too seriously. Instead, it has a breezy and ironic inspiration capable of being communicative and managing to get a smile at the same time.

The Designer: Randy Colombo

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