Posted by: bluesyemre | April 26, 2016

4 TED Talks That Help #Librarians Explain the Magic of #Libraries





Since 2006, millions have been inspired by TED Talks: short, inspirational and educational videos by speakers expounding on topics from science to spirituality to dance. TED stands for technology, education and design, and its stated mission is to spread ideas. The talks are often thought provoking and the speakers passionate about their topics. None last more than 18 minutes. While a pleasure to watch, the videos also can provide librarians with a jumping point for their own blog posts and public talks. Here are four TED Talks that you can use to help explain the magic of your public library.

  1. Lisa Bu, How Books Can Open Your Mind
  2. John Green, The Nerd’s Guide to Learning Everything Online
  3. Sir Ken Robinson, Bring on the Learning Revolution
  4. Mac Barnett, Why a Good Book is a Secret Door


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