Posted by: bluesyemre | April 29, 2016

The ‘Series A’ Conference Table is also a #PingPong Table because #startups


BY NOW IT’S a cliche. If you’re a startup, you have a ping pong table in your office. Maybe, if you’re one of those fancy startups, you’ve got a foosball table, a slide, or a corner full of beanbag chairs, too. But for a certain type of company in 2016, a ping pong table is like cell phones or toilets—it’s a given.

The table is probably sitting there in the middle of your open plan office, a beacon of fun and youthful spirit amongst the communal desks and laptops. To be sure, ping pong tables are great—who doesn’t love a game of table tennis after totally crushing a release cycle deadline? But your standard issue pong table isn’t saying what you think it is. To you it says “we’re a cool, young startup who cares about work-life balance.” To pretty much everyone else it says, “we have red cups in our filing cabinets.”

Poppin is an office supply company that bills itself as the startup that helps other startups. It provides staplers, paper clips, desktop organizers, and now a new and improved ping pong conference table. Poppin calls it the “Series A” (yes, really), and recommends it to companies with anywhere from 50 to 200 employees. These are kinds of budding startups where a ping pong table might be included in your benefits package, so it’s a savvy move.

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