Posted by: bluesyemre | April 30, 2016

“Everyone” downloads #ResearchPapers illegally (Science Magazine can’t defend its flawed business model)

Science magazine just published a great piece on the utility of Sci-Hub. Unfortunately, its defense of its own business model is flawed. Should academic research be free? This question has been raging in the academic community for years now, though many free-the-data evangelists are not waiting for an answer, instead choosing to simply obliterate the paywalls by putting scientific research online anyway (illegally). The current Robin Hood of this movement is Alexandra Elbakyan, whose website Sci-Hub offers free, instant, and wholly unauthorized access to pretty much any academic research paper ever published. Her site is the focus of an excellent reported feature in the most recent issue of Science magazine by John Bohannon, which answers the question “Who’s downloading pirated papers?” with a resounding “everyone.”

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