Posted by: bluesyemre | May 4, 2016

Is Your Library Mobile-Friendly? by David Lee King


I’d guess that you have quite a few library patrons using your library’s website through their favorite mobile device – either a smartphone or a tablet. I know my library’s website does. Using Google Analytics, I can see that 35% of my library’s website visitors were using a mobile device.

Here’s a question for you: Do you know what type of experience your mobile visitors are having?

If not, it’s time to do some testing. Here’s what I suggest for starters. Get out your smartphone, and actually start playing around with your library’s website. Make sure to visit a few of the more popular things to do at your website, including:

  • Check out a book: start at your library’s website, click through to the catalogue, find a book, and put it on hold
  • Access a database: click the databases link, browse to find a database, and click the link. See if you can actually do a search
  • Check out your Events page
  • Read a blog post
  • Ask a question. see if the chat feature works on a mobile device and see if you can find what to do next
  • Anything else important at your library? Do that thing, to see if it makes sense on a mobile device

After visiting your website, assess the experience you had. While thinking about the experience, ask yourself these questions:

  • Were you successful?
  • Was the page readable on a smaller screen?
  • Was the navigation easy to use on a mobile device?
  • Was anything clunky – did something not work as well as it does on the full desktop version of the website?

Once you work through those questions, you will most likely have a list of improvements to make to your website. Start making those improvements, and making your mobile experience a better one!

David Lee King: Mobile ready websites

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