Posted by: bluesyemre | May 5, 2016

How university students sleep? (Most students at top colleges have the same sleep pattern)



Worries that young university scholars are not getting enough rest are probably unwarranted. Students at most schools get the same amount of shut-eye on average—7 hours and 3 minutes— which is within the range recommended by experts. But students at top-ranked schools showed an intriguing pattern: They tend to fall asleep late, after 1 AM, compared to their counterparts further down the rankings. Those are the findings from Jawbone, a wearable device company crunching the data on about 18,500 students wearing its UP wristbands. They analyzed sleep patterns over 1.4 million nights at 137 schools since 2013.

The data showed a strong correlation between a school’s 2016 ranking in US News and World Report and student bedtimes. The more elite the college, the later the average bedtime. Columbia students (ranked #4) went to bed latest at 1:26 AM followed by those at University of Pennsylvania (#9), Stanford (#4) and Duke (#8). The earliest bedtimes were for those at the University of Nevada (#187) at 11:54 PM. The military academies were considered a special case given their mandatory schedules. They created an interactive chart to see every school’s data in the study.





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