Posted by: bluesyemre | May 6, 2016

Is #SocialMedia Providing Easy Reconnaissance for Terrorists?


Despite recent US Treasury Department sanctions, social media continues to thrive as a support platform for terrorist organizations. According to The Wall Street Journal, terrorist financiers that were recently blacklisted continue to be active on social media, raising money and attracting followers.

The article reports, “Though terrorist financiers may lose their bank accounts after being blacklisted by Treasury, ‘in many cases, they are still able to maintain and establish new social media accounts, often on the same social media platforms they used for their terrorist activities,’ according to the report, by The Camstoll Group, a Los Angeles financial-intelligence firm.”

The proliferation of social media, along with the cumbersome task of trying to control it, makes social media outlets an obvious platform for terrorist utilization. The operational tactics of modern cyber criminals is beginning to incorporate online reconnaissance and intelligence gathering to inform eventual attack planning. The IGI Global article “Online Social Networking: A Source of Intelligence for Advanced Persistent Threats” discusses why information leakage in general, and Online Social Networking (OSN) in particular, has become a source of intelligence for attackers. Further, the paper profiles a range of security measures available to organizations to combat information leakage through OSN and identifies future directions for research into security culture and behavior change. Written by University of Melbourne scholars Nurul Nuha Abdul Molok, Atif Ahmad and Shanton Chang, this research investigates the elevated threat that terrorism has become by infiltrating the online community.

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