Posted by: bluesyemre | May 19, 2016

#NISO Releases Draft #Altmetrics Recommended Practices on Data Metrics, Alternative Outputs, and Persistent Identifiers


The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) seeks comments on three draft documents related to Altmetrics: NISO RP-25-201x-2A, Alternative Outputs in Scholarly Communications: Data Metrics; NISO RP-25-201x-2B, Persistent Identifiers in Scholarly Communications; and NISO RP-25-201x-2C, Alternative Outputs in Scholarly Communications.

These documents are the latest outputs from NISO’s Altmetrics Initiative, a project funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The project aims to address limitations and gaps that may hinder the adoption of altmetrics, an expansion of tools available for measuring scholarly impact of research in the knowledge environment. Other working groups participating in the project have released drafts on Altmetrics Definitions and Use Cases and a Code of Conduct for Provider Data Quality.

NISO RP-25-201x-2A, Alternative Outputs in Scholarly Communications: Data Metrics emphasizes the necessity for data to be citable and its use to be measurable. “The Research Data Metrics recommendations are intended to be a very practical set of guidelines that can be implemented by repositories and data publishers alike in the immediate future,” says Mike Taylor of Elsevier, co-chair of the Working Group that created the drafts. “The last two years have shown a tremendous growth in the interest in data publishing and posting,” continues Taylor, “and we can all benefit from standards about how we define and count a ‘download.’ I’d like to thank the folk at FORCE11 and elsewhere for their continuing drive to implement data citation.”

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