Posted by: bluesyemre | May 28, 2016

#MuscleWiki (Understand your body, simplify your workouts) @MuscleWiki


MuscleWiki is a community built upon the principle that fitness should be simple. The difficulty lies in the journey – not the directions. We envisage a site where access to fitness related information is immediately accessible and easily digested. There is no need for bloated videos or hyper marketing, just direct access to what you need to achieve your fitness goals. We intend to curate and sustain a body of knowledge and tools that is comprehensive with a high level of integrity for both beginners and fitness professionals –this environment will not be intimidating, or exclusive. We exist to enable individuals who wish to better themselves, and we will never provide you with the excuse to fail in that endeavor. We are here to make muscles easy, for everyone that wants to build.




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