Posted by: bluesyemre | May 30, 2016

#SafetyLit (Injury research and prevention literature update)

SafetyLit (short for safety literature) is a free database service of the SafetyLit Foundation in cooperation with San Diego State University and the World Health Organization. The SafetyLit site contains no advertising. SafetyLit is operated entirely by volunteers, librarians and content specialists, throughout the world. This year, 2016, celebrate our 20th anniversary.
The database contains more than 500,000 records and draws selected content from more than 16,000 professional journals of 158 of the world’s nations and of 30+ distinct professional disciplines. SafetyLit covers all aspects of preventing unintentional injuries, interpersonal violence, and self-harm. Also included are items related to risk factors for injury and the personal, familial, and societal costs and consequences when prevention fails. About 450 new, current items and another 200 from journal back files are added each week to the database. The database contains records dating back to the mid-17th century concerning the safety of farmers, mariners, and miners.

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