Posted by: bluesyemre | June 3, 2016

#Library #Strategic Directions, 2016-2019 Inquiry, #Innovation, and Impact by University of Chicago Library


Even as building and preserving collections continue to be critical commitments of the Library, we are assuming new roles that are vital to research, innovation, and learning at the University of Chicago. Interdisciplinary work is more important than ever. Opportunities for creativity and collaboration are increasingly prized by students and faculty alike. Researchers in every field are taking advantage of technological advancements to pursue new lines of inquiry. In addition to scholarly monographs and articles, the outputs of research and scholarship now include digital collections, data files, dynamic databases, and interactive multimedia.

With our enduring mission to provide comprehensive collections and services in support of research, teaching, and learning at the University, the Library must also evolve in response to changes in higher education. Today’s research environment calls for a library that is best described as a hub that connects people and ideas through a dynamic exchange of information. Students need assistance in learning to navigate and evaluate vast quantities of resources, including those provided by the Library, as well as the sea of information that is freely available online. Researchers need the latest search tools, technology, and services to support scholarly communication at every stage of their work. And faculty and students benefit from inspiring, technology-equipped spaces designed to support individual and collaborative research and learning

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