Posted by: bluesyemre | June 22, 2016

The Library.Link Network


EVERY LIBRARY, ARCHIVE, MUSEUM AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY HAS A STORY TO TELL.  These stories reflect and connect with their communities. The Web needs structured data to understand these stories and make strong connections. The Library.Link Network brings together libraries and their providers to tell the Web localized, comprehensive, connection-rich stories. Seeding the Web with Library locations, services, and content. Growing Library Visibility Together.

Linked data consulting and development company Zepheira is partnering with several vendors and libraries on the Library.Link Network, a project that promises to make relevant information about libraries, library events, and library collections prominent in search engine results.

The service aims to address a longstanding problem. The world’s library catalogs contain a wealth of detailed, vetted, and authoritative data about books, movies, music, art—all types of content. But the bulk of library data is stored in MARC records. The bots that major search engines use to scan and index the web generally cannot access those records, and aren’t designed to work with MARC formatting, which was originally developed for 1960s and 1970s-era computers.

“Catalogs are generally contained in an ILS [integrated library system], and they aren’t visible on the open web,” explained Vailey Oehlke, director of libraries for Multnomah County, OR, which has been working with Zepheira for more than a year. “That’s exactly what Zepheira’s linked data solution hopes to change.”

Zepheira has been the Library of Congress’s key partner in the development of the BIBFRAME structured data model for bibliographic description, which LC hopes will eventually supplant MARC. The company was also founding sponsor of the Libhub Initiative, which analyzed how linked data might be used to raise the visibility of libraries on the web and worked to establish consensus within the field regarding best practices, laying the groundwork for Library.Link. Companies and services currently involved with the new initiative include SirsiDynix, Innovative Interfaces, EBSCO Information Services, NoveList, libraryAware, Counting Opinions, and Atlas Systems.

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