Posted by: bluesyemre | August 22, 2016

#Dokk1 – the winner of the #PublicLibrary of the Year Award 2016




With its unique and central location in the city, Dokk1 has become a key element in the forward-looking strategy for creating more life by the harbour, which used to be a practically deserted area. It is evident that accessibility has been given high priority, not only in the positioning of the library, but also in the many outdoor areas and staircases that provide access to the building from all sides. This is supported by the shape and facade cladding of the building, which has no back, but has been given a primary facade on every side. In both the interior and the exterior, a classical construction element, the staircase, has been used as both a functional necessity and a place for meeting and resting. The jury also finds great architectural value in the simple and consistent choice of materials throughout the building, which adapts naturally to the harbour environment. Furthermore, the materials are of a high quality without being ostentatious, which makes the building stand out as a place of diversity with room for everybody. As a contrast to the many raw materials used, other elements have elegantly been incorporated to create a special atmosphere for the library’s users through scale, materiality and colours, and it is impressive to see how the building’s complex programme and the many elements are held together in a relatively simple layout. The library is classified as a low-energy building featuring, among other things, solar panels, LED lighting, recirculation of ventilation air in the parking area and seawater cooling.


Chicago Public Library, USA


Geelong Library and Heritage Centre, Australia


Success Public Library, Australia


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