Posted by: bluesyemre | January 12, 2017

Sticky page markers (#design #books)


Create miniature scenes and landscapes whilst marking the pages of your books, catalogs and documents.

When we find something that’s important, inspiring, or just worth noting, it’s useful to flag the page for quick reference later.

The concept design for these little bookmarks came from thinking about what they could become not just as charming things on their own, but as a group.

Use these paper post-its to bookmark pages containing important or lovely quotes, photos and sections of books, catalogs and documents, and create a micro landscape as you go!

Each pack of markers are mounted on and presented in a simple card wrap, then placed inside a clear wrapper. A simple design that makes a great gift.

There are 11 pack-types that depict natural landscapes and environments, as well as a set of cities, along with their famous landmarks, buildings and even a fictional character or two!

The packs can be used on their own, or mixed with markers from other packs :

Mars (aliens, galactic party rock and space buggies)
Sky (fluffy clouds and a juicy little rainbow)
Ocean (curly wurly waves, icebergs and a couple of (friendly) sharks)
Polar (icebergs, igloos, snow covered trees and penguins)
(sand dunes, cacti and skulls)
(pointy, bubbly and perfectly round trees, and tufts of grass)
(skyline including big ben, the gherkin, St Paul’s cathedral, London eye, red buses, houses and tower-blocks)
New York
 (skyline including the chrysler building, the statue of liberty, the empire state, yellow cabs, tower blocks and apartments)
(skyline including Tokyo Monster, Tokyo tower, tochoō, sky tree, thundergate, ‘mansions’ and tower blocks)
Hong Kong (skyline including the international finance centre, peak tower, bank of china building, boats and tower blocks)
(skyline including the Louvre, Metro sign, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Parisian Apartments/shops, Arc de Triomphe)
 (the legendary loch-ness monster of Scotland. Heads, ‘middles’ and tails)

Each marker type comes in a stack of 20 sheets.


136mm* x 60mm x 3mm (pack outer dimensions)

*(the nessie pack is half the width of all the other packs)

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