Posted by: bluesyemre | February 20, 2017

Reimagining the #RoleOfTheLibrary in the #DigitalAge: changing the use of space and navigating the information landscape

University Libraries, Sorrels Library, February 14 2017

Sorrells Library, Carnegie Mellon University

Yesterday Carnegie Mellon University announced a new partnership with technology company Digital Science. CMU’s Keith Webster describes the mutual commitment to research discovery and smarter workflows that underpins this collaboration, and also outlines some of the ways in which academic libraries have changed; from their more dynamic use of space to the redeveloped tools and services made available to students and researchers looking to navigate the vast information landscape.

At Carnegie Mellon University, we traditionally mark Library Lovers’ Day through a number of events, but this year we added an extra celebration by announcing our development partnership with Digital Science. The connection between a university library and a technology company may not be immediately obvious, but we are both committed to helping the research community conduct their work in a smarter way in order to fuel discovery. In advance of the announcement, I recorded a podcast interview with Digital Science. Two questions in particular allowed me to touch briefly on some of the trends in academic libraries.

“When your average citizen thinks of a library they think of floors filled with shelves of books. How true is that statement today?”

Books and libraries have a long relationship, one that will continue well into the future, but I think that anyone who uses any type of library today will recognise the array of services, resources and technologies made available – makerspaces, gaming studios, collaboration spaces – alongside spaces for quiet and reflective study.


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