Posted by: bluesyemre | March 27, 2017

World of #Research 2015 (Revealing patterns and archetypes in #ScientificResearch) by #Elsevier

world of research

Elsevier Analytical Services is proud to present World of Research 2015 – a book that provides a snapshot of essential research indicators for the world’s most prolific countries and regions in terms of scholarly output. This book is a great source of information for, among others, research managers, government officials, and those working for funding bodies. It will help you prepare for meetings with colleagues from other countries or
regions, inform strategic choices in collaboration, learn from what other countries and regions are doing well, and be aware of your own country or region’s challenges and strengths.

Each country or region is unique. It has its own language, culture, political system,
and history. More specifically, in the context of this book, each country or region
has its own scientific culture, its own expertise and specific areas in which it
stands out. Over the coming pages you will find more than 70 profiles with key
statistics, graphs, analyses, and insightful interpretations, each profile focusing
on the country or region in question.

World of Research 2015 (Revealing patterns and archetypes in Scientific Research)

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