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GLAM (Gardens, #Libraries and #Museums) Strategic Plan 2015-2020 by #UniversityofOxford


The GLAM division shares its globally significant collections in order to promote research, learning and enjoyment which inspires the advancement of knowledge and a better understanding of the world.

The Gardens, Libraries and Museums of the University of Oxford contain some of the world’s most significant collections. While they provide important places of scholarly enquiry, for the public they also represent the front door to the wealth of knowledge and research curated and generated at the University. This door is now being opened virtually, with the result that visitors are accessing and enjoying the collections digitally as much as physically; this offers new, dynamic opportunities to inspire and educate.

The GLAM Strategic Plan is intended to enable the Gardens, Libraries and Museums to provide:

  • an authoritative place to which people increasingly turn for insight into cultural and natural heritage – present and past
  • an innovative space for expanding public engagement that allows more diverse audiences the opportunity to engage with the collections
  • world-class facilities for collection storage, research and teaching
  • the highest quality of expertise, ensuring diversity of opportunity in recruitment, personal development, and career progression in all areas of employment across GLAM
  • support for the University in delivering it strategic aims regarding uniqueness of teaching environment, research quality, interdisciplinarity, and infrastructure

and to develop:

  • creative partnerships to deliver innovation and continually rethink how we improve engagement and transmit knowledge about the objects in our collections
  • our national and international networks in both arts and sciences in order to share best practice and build collaborations in the community
  • the range of formal and informal learning programmes for children and young people
  • the next generation of leaders by enriching the local and regional intellectual and cultural environment
  • financial stability by making the most of our existing resources, improved commercial activity, and fundraising to create endowment funds
  • environment sustainability through a reduced ecological footprint.

As we develop this Vision, we will monitor progress against our priorities, commitments, and aims using relevant performance indicators, benchmarking and targets. This will ensure we maintain focus on the Strategic Plan so that it continues to meet academic and public needs, enables us to respond to the external environment and is updated as appropriate.

The full GLAM Strategic Plan

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